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Well that sucked. A not-actually-a-tornado tornado story from half an hour ago:

First of all I’ve been feeling pretty crappy today. I’m exhausted and my stomach has been hurting and four of our 7 people at work this morning were sick with colds so I’m already feeling a little icky in the head like that. So I came home and took a nap, Mychal left for work and put Scout back out on the porch, and I had been asleep about two hours (dreaming of house fires and driving while sleeping, how relaxing) when I wake up to thunder. “Oh awesome I love storms,” I think as I still half-asleep walk to get Scout back inside to cuddle with. Just as the two of us settle back into bed: BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP “Tornado warning in your area. Take cover immediately” explodes on my phone. So now I’m jolted awake, no idea what’s going on, my computer is on the other side of the apartment but we need to get in the closet asap because I have no idea what’s going on and while I enjoy learning about tornadoes and they’re extremely interesting when I’m prepared for them, I don’t like being alone and in the dark on the top floor of an apartment in what looks to be the exact direction this storm is heading according to the radar I pulled up on my phone. So Scout’s in there pawing at the door like, “Why the heck are we in here? I’m not allowed in here. Why won’t you let me out?” and I get a text from Mychal from work telling me about the warning (luckily I never actually heard the sirens but I also had the police scanner radio going on my phone because you can get a fairly good idea where a storm is by their reports), the thunder is continuous, the rain is pounding the windows, and the last thing I saw before I closed the door was the trees practically bending over from wind. So I’m just texting my mom like, “Tell me what’s going on ! I don’t know anything I was alseep!” and she’s texting, “Why are you scared! You’re the on who is supposed to be keeping me calm!” So then she starts sending me texts like, ” You’re in the best place you can be. Unless you could go to someone’s apartment downstairs?” and “Maybe you should get in the bathtub and cover up with something.” So from this I’m thinking it must be coming right at me because that’s how it looked on the radar and she’s not telling me any different and I’m like, “I don’t know anyone in downstairs apartments! and the shower will still be wet from Mychal’s shower earlier! and I don’t know what to cover up with!” and I’m about to pee myself and I’m shaking slightly from the sudden adrenaline rush and being scared then after this has been about 15 minutes my mom tells me it’s over and I’m like, “Thank God I need to pee so bad!” and Scout doesn’t want to leave the closet now and you can’t see out our windows much at all because there’s so much rain on them. 

I’m just glad I’m not the people that just drove up with a Uhaul truck to unload. 

Also now I got on less hour of sleep than I planned on and I have to be back at work at 5. I had to be at work at both 5s today: 5am and 5pm. I’m so tired. I hope no one is shopping tonight. But dear God was everyone at Starbucks this morning. It amazes me the amount of moms that bring their kids in every morning from frappuccinos. You’re basically giving them a milkshake for breakfast and you’re totally making them late for school by stopping at this insanely busy store right now. Two of us were making frappuccinos for about 20 minutes straight this morning. 

Next week is going to be great though. The only day I work is Wednesday (during the week at least. I do work Saturday and then Sunday is my last day at Starbucks!) and even that day I’m off by 9:15am. So at some point during the week I’m going to get a facial, a massage, my Nana and Mychal and I are going to this cute little tea room place, and we’re taking Nathan and Taylor to Teavana to take advantage of the discount I also get there from Starbucks before it’s too late. And it’s my last week before school starts so I get to have some nice relaxing time before it’s back to using my brain.