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Ok now that it’s a regular not stormy work day it’s back to being super busy and being on bar is difficult. And school starts back in a couple weeks and apparently it’s slow right now compared to then. So today kind of stinks and I’m a little discouraged again.. I can’t wait to go home and have two days off. I’m so tired.

Things are improving! 

I was on bar at Starbucks my whole shift this morning! It was exhausting but I had a lot of fun with it and it went really well. Also it was a great day to be doing it because it was storming all morning so it wasn’t very busy. And there was a ton of thunder and lightning. The weather was encouraging me! 

Also work at the toy store this weekend just plain sucked. So I’m ready to be done with it, I think. Now that things are getting better at Starbucks I feel more confident that I want to stay there. Also at the toy store they’re rolling out a new training thing that’s supposed to get us to go through our transactions a whole 2 seconds faster. Woah man! So they’re going to start timing our transactions. Which is bull. It’s rarely me that’s taking so long to finish a transaction. It’s usually the customer not knowing if they want to get something else or where their wallet is or not paying attention or any number of things. Also I’m sick of being pressed to sell sell sell and sign people up for rewards cards and credit cards and ask the customer ten thousand questions that they’re just going to answer “no” to. I hate being the customer in that situation and it’s just worse being the cashier. So I’m feeling pretty burned out on the job. I’m going to miss doing freight though. I like stocking shelves. It’s like a giant puzzle and I really enjoy it. And I like my coworkers. But there’s nothing else for me there anymore. I can stock shelves anywhere. Maybe not with the creative freedom I have here but still. That’s what I was going to apply to do if I decided to drop both jobs and go to Publix. So I’m probably putting in my two weeks notice this coming weekend. It’ll also be nice to have a little bit of my weekends back. Although school will start back that next week after I finish there so there goes my weekends to homework again! 

Also someone I went to elementary school with that also goes to Georgia Tech invited me to a church cookout thing they’re doing tomorrow. So I’m excited about that. I’ve wanted to get involved with a church group and with people at Tech so I’m  really excited that I got invited!