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-Georgia Tech studying Earth and Atmospheric Science
-Love my boyfriend, cats, stuff that makes me laugh, pictures, music, you, etc.

Having so much trouble focusing on studying uuuuugh. I have to pass the final to get a B in my math class. I have to pass. Yet I’ve done nothing today. 

And now a lesson in style from 3-4 year old me and a lesson on what not to wear by 12-13 year old me.

I wasn’t happy about being Simba but I was definitely happy about cake.

I’ve been surprisingly unaffected by the cancers of my great-grandmother and grandmother this past year but my great-grandmother is suddenly going downhill very quickly and the news of it tonight is about to get me. She was pretty bad walking and in pain last week but she was going. This weekend we saw her again and she can barely walk and she’s taking huge doses of oxycodone and still in extreme pain. The cancer has spread to her spine so she’s going to two doctors tomorrow and deciding on whether to start radiation or hospice but she’s getting metally worn out and as granddad just said, “she’s ready to go to heaven” which is something he’s said right before his dad and Nana’s mom passed. So.. Yeah.
Also I haven’t heard much news from the other side of my family with my grandmother. She had been off chemo since November but she had to go back on it a month or so ago. But hey she’s fighting like crazy and pancreatic cancer is really rough and she’s not giving in at all.

Update: just realized saying “unaffected” makes it sound like I don’t care. I do care. A lot. It just still hasn’t hit me I guess.


everyone please watch this video this is humanity in it’s purest form

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